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Scoliosis services offered in Hinsdale and Woodridge, IL

Scoliosis is an abnormal curve in the spine affecting about 3% of people in the United States. Treatment options vary depending on the age and cause of the irregular curve. At Beejal Y. Amin MD in Oak Lawn, South Holland, and Orland Park, Illinois, board-certified neurosurgeon Beejal Amin, MD, FAANS, specializes in diagnosing scoliosis and offering treatment options. Call or schedule your scoliosis consultation online today.

Scoliosis Q & A

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a spinal abnormality that causes a sideways curve in the spine. Your spine has a natural curve that helps position the head over the hips, evenly distributing body weight during movement.

With scoliosis, the spine has a sideways curve that affects the body’s positioning and distribution of body weight. 

Doctors may find scoliosis during adolescence. In most cases, the abnormal curve is mild, but it may worsen as the teen continues to grow. Severe scoliosis is disabling and may reduce the amount of room in the chest area for the lungs and heart.

How is telehealth used in spine surgery?

Telehealth connects you to your surgeon using a secure online video link. It provides a convenient, cost-effective way to discuss your condition with Dr. Amin.

While the surgery happens in person, you and Dr. Amin can complete much preparation and follow-up using telehealth. He can also assess your back or neck disorder online in some cases.

Providing your camera shows a clear enough view, Dr. Amin can make most of the same observations about your physical appearance and movement that he could in his office. He also provides the information you need to prepare for spine surgery before your operation. Telehealth services can also be used if you would like a second opinion from Dr. Amin regarding your condition.

After your spine surgery, you can talk to Dr. Amin about your recovery using telehealth. This saves you time and money and avoids the bother of traveling to the practice for an exam. Telehealth is particularly useful for patients who live outside of the town or have problems arranging transportation.

What are some of the treatments for scoliosis?

Treatment for scoliosis depends on the age of diagnosis and severity of the curve.

In patients with mild scoliosis, Dr. Amin and his team may recommend conservative treatment including physical therapy and spinal injections.

If the curve is severe or symptoms are not improving with conservative care, Dr. Beejal Y. Amin MD discusses your surgical options. Surgery for scoliosis may include spinal fusion surgery.

To find out more about scoliosis treatment options, call Beejal Y. Amin MD or schedule a consultation online today.